Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Joy of a BOX!

Yesterday we headed down to Grammie/Grampie's house to help put together some furniture. B capitalized on the opportunity and claimed this box as his "cave." You KNOW he loves something when he knows he gets to go to a restaurant for lunch, and STILL isn't interested, because he'd rather play in the cave!! Hours of fun, he had a snack in there, had "mail" delivered to his cave...he LOVED it!! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Follies...

Who knew that toddlers didn't keep secrets really well?? ;) I wondered if we would actually MAKE it to today w/ the surprise intact, and we normally would have, had I not strayed from our routine last night.

As B is "reading" lots of things now (actually just memorizing & reciting), when I ran across a book, "I Love You Daddy" about a month ago, I couldn't resist buying it to pre-read w/ B, in hopes that he could "read" it to his Daddy today.

Last night, S got to put little man to bed since I was out...and that's where everything fell apart. :) S was snuggling B in the big red chair, talking about today being Father's Day, when B says, "Oh. Have surprise for you for Father's Day. Have I Love You book hidden right under here." Figured as much!! :) S reported that he didn't let B unearth it from our hiding spot, but enjoyed "reading" it with him several times today.

Hey ~ it's the thought that counts, right?!!


Sitting @ dinner tonight, little man looked at me:

"Mommy -- you're my best friend forever."

How could you not be??? :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cookies & Cartoons

On occasion, my son gets to watch a cartoon on our bed while I shower. Hey ~ quick 7 min. shower can't hurt as our master bath is attached to our bedroom, right? We'll, we've never really had a "problem", but this is what I saw when I walked out of the bathroom to check on him after my shower yesterday:

me: (laugh, or yell?)
B: (noting the internal dilemma Momma is facing): "Umm, this cookie is YUMMY," as he gripped the small ziploc bag with two remaining oatmeal raisin, and gleefully devoured said cookie in hand
me: (opting for peace & putting life in perspective): "B, what happened to the good choices we make for breakfast? Bananas? Yogurt?"
B: "But we are all OUT of bananas, Momma...." (hopeful silence. begins to devour a second cookie)

hey ~ can't blame him for improvising, right??? ;) He usually pushes his breakfast chair over to our counter, climbs up, and grabs his "own" banana from the basket in the a.m.'s. When I returned to the kitchen, I noted the appropriately placed chair. With the lack of bananas, he went for the next easiest thing, one supposes?!?! Hahaha ~ a laugh a day keeps the Dr away!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We were at the park today w/ a few of B's little play-date friends. Said friend, G, has a little sister who is approximately 10 mo. old. My heart swelled as I observed the following interaction:

Baby on ground, crawling around curiously, picks up small stick & you know it will soon be in her mouth.
B crouches down to eye-level: "That stick is not a good choice. That stick is yucky."
(takes stick away)
B puts her pacifier in her mouth: "Here, this is better for you."

True wonderment.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yes, this is a random posting, but it's totally worth it & needed to be said...for any Moms out there w/ kids who've been sick before, and spent at least 12 min. in the frozen dairy section debating the pro's of frozen dairy treats, say no more. I too have pondered the sugar-free, no high fructose corn syrup, all fruit permutations of the endless brands in the freezer case...throw it all out the window & buy these. TRULY.

First of all, they're all of two inches long. Literally. There's a reason they're called mini's. Want to review how many boxes of "all fruit" popsicles I bought that were "normal size," and after 4 licks, my ailing toddler declared he'd had enough, and the remnants were chucked, so as not to share germs with anyone else? What a waste! THESE are the perfect size. The other day, B polished off his first in a mere 2-3 min. Which brings me to my second point.

SLOW MELT. Read again, slow melt. They have a touch of gelatin, so that your carpet/floor doesn't look like an early Christmas after he's eaten the strawberry/raspberry/lime all-fruit bar. Aside from a few drips after he slobbered all over it, HE gets the whole thing and the carpet lives to see another day.

Third, yah, even though they're not sugar-free, how much is one really GETTING in two inches of frozen delight, and they're VERY low calorically (3=40 calories), so it's not like they're heavy hitters either.

Regardless...they really are the best. thing. ever.

They come in a box of 24, which I was leery about at first. No more. He can eat two a day, in any range of flavors from lemon lime to strawberry kiwi, and we still have backstock.

Kudos to the genius at Popsicle who thought up this one!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

B the Tool Boy...

While he's been mending, Daddy DID get him a bribe for such good behavior @ the ER, he's "busy working" every day... :) He loves it!!
(Note: YES, the tools are all plastic, look very realistic but ARE safe...!)

On the Mend...we thought..?!

Just a little insight into the last week...

He's practicing going into the medical field after all of our visits to the hospital & ER...

Staples came out today, looking good, but he threw up again tonight, so we're still not quite sure WHAT'S going on after the isolated puking Tues. night?!?! Ack.