Monday, April 28, 2008

15 mo. update

The video clip below is the newest, but for those curious about pertinent details from his 15 mo. check-up last week:

As of 4/23:
31" tall (50%ile)
25 lb. 10.5 oz. (70%ile)
Head circumference (90%ile)

Otherwise healthy and happy, ears totally clear, cough and wheezing gone from earlier in the month and got two (or three?) shots to boot!!

Animal Noises

I don't quite recollect when Brendan STARTED the animal noise collection, but at this stage (just 15 mo.), he's amassed a library of nearly 8-10 animal noises. Unfortunately, the "mommy brain" forbids me from remembering all at one point, BUT on the video we got several, along w/ the newest addition (lion), as well as his "best" one (duck). This just makes us laugh and he delights in doing it, as well as messing with us when every animal is an owl (his 1st sound), so we hope you enjoy since it's not easy to hear on speaker phone!!!

In addition to the joys of animal noises, he also has body part bingo, several signs and several words. It never fails to amaze me how he absorbs SO much, then just throws new communication at his the other day, at the park, he touched the trunk of a palm tree and starting signing "tree" repeatedly. We've DONE that with him, but he's never reproduced it, and all of a sudden, the connection was apparent. Hooray for the miracles of language acquisition!! :)

After his battle with croup and bronchitis at the beginning of the month, he seems to have recovered fully, much to our relief. He got to meet the firefighters/paramedics that came to his rescue and he presented them with his favorite fire duck and some homemade goodies to thank them!

Now that we have video capability, I hope to be much more vigilant with the blog much like the Snapfish albums we've had going!! Take care all!