Saturday, February 28, 2009


This post is LONG overdue, but these are our promised fun-in-the-snow pix w/ the B. A great time was had by all, in spite of the:

a) obnoxious vomiting by my husband on our 1st night, which happened to also be Valentine's Day!
b) inability to sleep on 1st night by B, and subsequent 1:15 a.m. conversations:
"Mommy. Hear somesing (something). Hear horn beep-beep, Mama."
c) no power in the entire HOTEL on our 2nd night. hooray for flashlights & open windows so we don't gas ourselves w/ the fireplace when it's 23 degrees outside.

these minor hiccups were laughable and made the trip, which included sledding AT the hotel (no need to fight the masses @ the slopes) and B's first snow, MUCH worth it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Brief Sabbatical

I didn't realize it had been SO long since I'd posted anything up-to-date, but thinking over the events of the last two weeks or so, I guess I have a valid excuse!

Series of events:

Jan. 28th: last post
Jan. 31st: Date night (aka B gets the flu)
Feb. 1st: Superbowl (Go Steelers!)
Feb. 2nd: Puking. Lots of it, toddler-style. Hooray for the ER.
Feb. 3rd: Began in the ER, and continued, at home, with more of little man's vomit. Gotta love it.
Feb. 4th: I started puking, and Scott left for CA & OR.
Feb. 5th: I think we're getting better.
Feb. 6th: Did I mention more puking?
Feb. 7th: Think we're better, dinner w/ friends
Feb. 8th: Take a guess...and more baby puke! 4 a.m., 4:30 a.m., 6 p.m....I literally thought it would NEVER END.

Also in the middle of our slightly not-so-happy state HERE, a new little man joined the parade (welcome baby Cooper, congrats Mommy Melissa!), and another special family celebrated their very special "Famiversary" (yeah little D!). Lots of happy things going on ~ we were celebrating & thinking of all from a far and appreciated the happy things to focus on in the middle of yuck!

SO, breathing a sigh of relief (hopefully not prematurely!), we seem to have turned the corner here, and should have LOTS of fun pix to boast next week, on our return from snow-land where B will experience his first white precipitation! :) Hooray!

In spite of the puke Olympics, I did snap a few shots last week ~ I didn't realize how bad we all looked until I looked @ little man in this picture ~ he REALLY was sick! These picture were how he spent many of his non-puke moments, poor little (but rather industrious) guy!

YES ~ this one IS what you think ~ let's just say he played dress-up briefly with Mommy's shoes! :)

I don't think he's EVER bathed THAT many times in a week since he's been born :(

Gotta love the funk-a-delic hat! :)