Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If You Give a Pig A Pancake...

...she'll want some syrup to go with it." Thus begins one of his favorite reads these days...

One of B's favs (thanks Hannah & Mike!), "If You Give a Pig A Pancake." We're still trying to work with him to leave the book jackets ON, but at least he likes the contents!!! :)

What's Yours is Mine, What's Mine is Yours...

I'd realized that when having kids, anything goes...you lose your privacy (for the most part), and anything and everything is superceded for your little one. Case-in-point, yesterday, that made me laugh...

I was eating a bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries on top after B had already eaten, declined further food, and was happily playing. Took that time to feed myself and sat down on the floor with him while he played to eat and keep him company. Enter ET neck. His neck craned all the way up, he exclaimed, "Waz ZAT?" and pointed with his little chubby fingers to my blueberries. In no time, he hoisted himself to my lap, where he dove into my bowl with said chubby fingers, and proceeded to retrieve, and quickly consume, all but a few blueberries. Funny to me that he preferred the ones submerged under milk, so needless to say, this was not a neat recon project!! :) So much for my blueberries, but hey, there are more, and it was worth the chuckle to start the day!

Friday, July 25, 2008


One of our favorite PJ outfits, which he's soon to outgrown. :( HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Off the Charts!

Well, appropriate given our last posting, but we have the official #s that back up our "growth-by-highchair" experiment. He just had his 18 mo. well-visit, and blew us all away with how much he HAS grown. He weighed in at just shy of 30 lbs., and is 34" tall, so he's 90th percentile for both height & weight!! :) No surprise there, I guess!

Monday, July 21, 2008

At the Beach

In addition to getting some R&R @ Casa de los Abuelitos, B has also journeyed into Philly for a mini family reunion, seen his great grandparents, and gone to the beach in this journey East. He has found mini frogs (1"!), collected NE pinecones (very different from ours @ home!), and got to perch in a lifeguard boat @ the beach. Some pix below of the adventures at the beach. He really enjoyed it (especially digging in the sand), but was not terribly thrilled w/ the waves after one knocked him on his back after he was already sitting at the water's edge. A fun & memorable journey none-the-less, and certainly a novelty he doesn't get living in the SouthWest!

By Leaps & Bounds

We'll have to see if these pix, when compared, are truly reflective of his growth, but B has appeared to grow monstrously in our two weeks back East. He has his 18 mo. check-up on Wed., so we'll see then how he weighs in, but he's definitely packed on the pounds and is growing like a weed!
(P.S. Note his ears in both pix in reference to the lines on the head of the highchair...has he grown between the December pix and July?)

Monday, July 14, 2008

BIG Vacation Plans!

Brendan (and I!) have had a very exciting & busy trip to PA thus far. Attached are a few pix...B has now graduated from "Woof woof" for the sound that dogs make, to, "Woof woof dogs" and strings it all in one. He has two loyal boxer followers, now, and got to hold hands with cousin Katie. Tomorrow holds his first journey to the beach, so we'll see how the sand & waves strike his fancy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monkeys & Bananas...

I find it funny the # of times a mention of banana has appeared on this blog, the blog of a self-proclaimed banana-hater! Takes two to make a baby, and clearly, my son did NOT get my banana gene, all the better for it! This morning, he amazed me with his knowledge and did a sign I didn't even KNOW he knew. Our bananas had a tiny little sticker on one of the bananas that I didn't notice when I purchased them. It had a tiny little monkey head, and had a link to some chimp thing on Dole's website. So of course, B proclaims, "WHA IZ ZAT?" and promptly signs monkey to me. Had NO idea he knew, but he's apparently absorbed it right away from his father, who has signing sessions in secret! :) SO we now have a new sign and animal recognition to add to the list, in addition to his other newish sign ~ "grapes", which does symbolize the real thing, but he'll also gladly generalize to other fruit (for watermelon this weekend), and demand "grapes grapes grapes"! At least he knows the difference btw grapes and bananas! Ha!

Laughter IS the best medicine

Yes, this video is grainy, but really, you don't need to see, just to hear the giggles from this little one and it will clear whatever ails you, I swear! I've tried to get this to load several times already to no avail, so here's to hoping....