Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bologna? BOLOGNA!!!

The things we learn @ daycare never cease to amaze.

Today, I asked little man what he wanted for lunch. The adamant and very definitive response caught me totally unawares: "BOLOGNA." NOTE: I've probably not eaten bologna in twenty years, since I had ketchup & bologna sandwiches with my Dad. Yuck. (sorry Dad)! B has cultivated his liking for bologna @ daycare, apparently. I was tempted to call her and inquire what KIND she bought, so I'd buy the appropriate kind for his palate, but thought better of such a call. We ventured to the store to buy said bologna, and when asked by the deli man if we wanted a sample, I passed it over to him, to which he promptly piped, "THANKS!" HA ~ will talk for bologna, AND use his manners, apparently! Normally, he'll only sign thanks, under duress, but this was unequivocal! :) The joys of a 21 mo. old! :)

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