Saturday, October 16, 2010


THIS was last year...

A year later, and look what happens...!

It's never ceases to amaze me the growth and change that happens in a YEAR in the life of a child, mine or others. Yes, I tend to favor a small walk down memory lane now-a-days, but seeing the growth, the change, the mastery with which kids tackle life and all they teach us leaves me at a loss for words (Ha, not to mention adding a whole new PERSON to the mix!). I'm so blessed to BE a parent and be able to take it all in, for better (awesome trip up to the pumpkin patch up North) or worse (coming home w/ a badly sunburned baby :( and a toddler w/ a pus-filled finger)! Ha! Here's to next year's pumpkin journey & the leaps & bounds with which they'll grow between now & next October!

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