Thursday, May 1, 2008

For Better or For Worse...

I knew that having Brendan would change my/our lives forever. Many reasons for the better, and some for the worse (nagging "Momnesia"!). I had to laugh yesterday, though, at some of ways mommyhood had changed me that I never saw coming... 15 mo. old munchkin, wielding a broken stick in his hand, stumbling as he comes across a "hole" at the park. He thereby proceeds to crouch down, supported by his little chubby legs, and stick meets dirt. A match made in heaven. Some are reading and saying, "What does this have to do with Jill changing?"

Anyone who's know me for any length of time knows that I HATE to get my hands/general person dirty. I hate it. My skin crawls and I yearn for a sink/shower/baby wipe to make it go away. Having a son, that neurosis had been directed at him as I would grab/wash/wipe his hands/feet/face...then I gave up. Hey ~ kid's gotta meet germs eventually, right?? :) I realized that staying on top of the little grime that collects in the creases of his fingers is a lost battle. Yes, I still wash his hands (and the rest of him) diligently, but I'm also glad to say, I loosened up enough to let my kid dig in the dirt!! HA! I'll post a picture in here soon from the camera phone, but I got such pleasure from just watching him dig, scraping the stick to discover the texture of dirt + stick, and how the dirt felt as it ran through his fingers. Never did I imagine that a sweet sight would be MY son, sitting in dirt!!

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