Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Mr. Bossy

While it's a relief to know that our "lessons" have not fallen on deaf ears, it's always funny, nonetheless, when they come back AT you, and NOT out of your mouth. We had a double-dose of this yesterday that just cracked us up.

S came home from work early to get prepared for his golf tournament today, and was around as B and I had our normal, "Mommy-day" routine. As B was eating lunch, S came into the kitchen, being goofy or something, to which he got an earful:
"DADDY, DON'T DISTRACT ME. I'm 'posed to be eating my grilled cheese, Daddy."


Again at dinner, S was contributing some monkey business and B piped right up: "Daddy, do NOT distract me!! I'm trying to eat some tacos for dinner, Daddy. Don't DISTRACT ME!"

I am pretty sure that my preggo brain isn't making this up, but I feel as though little B was even chiding himself in the past 24 hours...I vaguely (but can't remember which meal) remember him saying to himself, "This time is to eat. I can't play with these toys because I need to focus on eating now."

Thank heavens HE at least has the brain like a sponge right now!!! ;)

Night Time Prayer

I truly want to get this recorded because it's so sweet, but will try to capture the essence of his endearing night-time habit. Before delivery, he was given a little lamb who says a little prayer. We play it for him each night before bed & awhile ago, he started reciting it with the lamb. Insert toddler speech patterns, though, and I never can help but smile:

"Now I lambie down to sweep
I pway the Wod my soul to keep
Angels watch me fwoo the night
Atil I wake in mowning's wight.

Don't ya want to kiss him?? ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He Just Can't WAIT....

B has added a new phrase to his vernacular which never ceases to make us laugh:

"I can't wait to _____________"

He uses it about EVERYTHING...the constant joy, wonder & amazement of the world through his eyes is wonderful to behold.

This a.m., for instance, the school bus drove by. "I can't WAIT to ride the school bus to school when I get bigger bigger!"

At the grocery store the other day, buying EGGPLANT..."I can't WAIT to eat that eggplant!"

Upon anticipating a craft project we're planning on doing: "I can't WAIT to make that craft w/ you Momma!"

I just love it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bouncing, Summer Fun & other Silliness

We have survived through a few nightmarish scheduling weeks and seem to have come thru unscathed, and still find time for fun in spite of the long days!! Just some silly pix of newer delights (the Bounce Gym), and some tried & true squirt park, or otherwise just silly shots!! :)

He is LOVING his new school, and exclaimed when we walked in this a.m.: "Look! It's ME!" at a picture hanging over his which he then clarified, "It's me in the mobile!" I can tell you he didn't learn mobile from us!! ;)